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    Size of Pictures on FileMaker



      Size of Pictures on FileMaker


      I have been either pasting or inserting pictures into my database, consequently the database is growing in size very rapidly.

      Is there a calculation to show the size of the pictures

      I have created a new filed called picture size - set to calculation to display as text - Calculation Getas(Photo1) but this calculation only displays the name of the picture.  I am trying to get the size of the picture.

      The ultimate goal is to edit those pictures that may be too big in size and replace them with smaller one to manage the size of the DB


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          You can use the length function to see the size your image in the container if it is not stored by reference.

          You might consider storing all of these pictures "by reference" instead of actually copying them into the container as you are now doing. This will keep your file size down no matter how big your individual pictures are.

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            Than you Phil, I will certainly consider option two.

            I have two more questions,

            1.- If I opt to go to option 2 -  Then I will have to keep the images on a folder and this folder will have to be present on the server so that my website can display the images - correct?

            2.- The second question, I got a number result for the length function, what I kind of measure is this do you know.  Is it pixels or bytes.

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              1) yes, and check the documentation from FileMaker that documents exactly where this folder must be.

              2) I don't know off the top of my head. Anybody out there know?

              You might try using export field contents to export a copy of the image and then comparing file size to what length returns. You won't get an exact match in the numbers, but maybe close enough to figure it out.

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                Looks like bytes to me.