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Size ranges plus quantities in a portal?

Question asked by hmcl1_1 on Mar 25, 2010
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Size ranges plus quantities in a portal?




I'm developing a solution for a shirt manufacturer.


The shirts come in size ranges, 36-48 for instance.  Customer orders 20 pcs of size 36, 25 pcs of size 37, 25 pcs of size 38, 40 pcs of size 39, and so on. So there are some 300 shirts divided over 13 sizes.  A shirt can come with 5 different kinds of labels: Price, washing, instructions label, etc.


I've set up a join-table for the various kinds of labels so that from layout "Product" you select the labels inside a portal.  That all works.


I could do a similar thing with a portal for sizes, but then I run into two problems:


1.  As the size range is quite extended (sometimes 36-48 and then 36-48 with longer sleeves), a portal would compromise printing: The range ideally should be printed horizontally with the quantity per size next to each size.


2.  Data entry is too slow.  I tried using a checkbox set but can't get a range of fields horizontally with the option to add quantity.  Naturally, all quantities have to be added up to show the total for one particular item.


Could anyone offer a suggestion or solution please?


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