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    Size ranges plus quantities in a portal?



      Size ranges plus quantities in a portal?




      I'm developing a solution for a shirt manufacturer.


      The shirts come in size ranges, 36-48 for instance.  Customer orders 20 pcs of size 36, 25 pcs of size 37, 25 pcs of size 38, 40 pcs of size 39, and so on. So there are some 300 shirts divided over 13 sizes.  A shirt can come with 5 different kinds of labels: Price, washing, instructions label, etc.


      I've set up a join-table for the various kinds of labels so that from layout "Product" you select the labels inside a portal.  That all works.


      I could do a similar thing with a portal for sizes, but then I run into two problems:


      1.  As the size range is quite extended (sometimes 36-48 and then 36-48 with longer sleeves), a portal would compromise printing: The range ideally should be printed horizontally with the quantity per size next to each size.


      2.  Data entry is too slow.  I tried using a checkbox set but can't get a range of fields horizontally with the option to add quantity.  Naturally, all quantities have to be added up to show the total for one particular item.


      Could anyone offer a suggestion or solution please?


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          I'd use a portal for data-entry and a summary report based on the portals table for printing. That often gives you the best of both worlds.

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            Thank you for your response, Phil.  Summary, as in a sub summary part? 


            I now print the Quotation/Order from the Quotation Line Items table.  The quantities per shirt (and other details, such as art. no., price, etc.) show on the Body of the layout, in a row of data.  The size range and quantity per size ideally should be printed inside this product details row of data.


            Have I missed your point?


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              Can you post an example of what you want to see on the printed page? I can't quite picture what you have in mind.

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                Thanks Phil for looking into this.  Here's the Product layout.  Below the tabs box I've been struggling with a portal and a set of checkboxes (should be sorted 36-37-38 and not 36-36ss-etc).



                And here's a copy of the order confirmation:



                Ideally, the size breakdown should be shown underneath the respective item, and the sum of all different sizes to add up to the quantity as stated (13,000 in this case, which is of course just an example).


                And here is the data entry layout, the order confirmation entry.


                This is a portal connected to Product via Line Items.  It is here where the product ID is entered, the size breakdown (could also be in the product layout).


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                  Those pictures tell me what you have, not what it is you want to see.


                  Does this type of layout work for you? (some details left out to keep it simple...)


                  Product ID: P1    Unit Price: 8.35      Qty: 13,000     Line Total: 108,550.00

                      Size:          Qty:

                       48              13

                       41              11

                       39              12

                       38              12    

                       37               21

                       36               21


                  (And so on until all sizes/quantities for this item are  listed)


                  Product ID: P2    Unit Price: 7.20    Qty:    20,000      Line Total: 144,000.00

                  ( and then you'd list the size/quantity break down for this item)



                  Put the rest of your order fields here such as grand total and VAT.


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                    I'm sorry Phil, yes, that is what I have.  I can't really show you what I want to see, but your solution comes very close.  Is it possible to have the size ranges:


                    a. Sorted by size (36-37-38... and not 36-36ss-37...)?


                    b. Horizontally instead of vertically?  If vertically, then when there's an order with 15 shirts and 10 sizes per shirt then the order confirmation is spread out over too many pages.  (Presently this is done with a simple spreadsheet and I'm convinced FM can come up with a more elegant solution.  But I can't seem to be able to find it.)


                    And how is the data entry, by checkbox in a portal?


                    Many thanks for your time and support.


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                      "Sorted by size (36-37-38... and not 36-36ss-37"

                      It's possible, what does "ss" stand for?  Since you don't show a 36ss in the first instance, is "36ss" grouped as part of "36" or should it be sorted to come much later in the order? (If all else fails, you can define a value list of custom values and use it to specify the desired sort order.)


                      "Horizontally instead of vertically?"

                      Horizontal is much trickier than vertical to implement. It can be done, but the solution isn't trivial and you have to manage the design carefully, to avoid leaving data out of your report simply because there wasn't enough space to display it . Look up the term "horizontal portal" in this forum and you'll find some examples for using a series of portals to put the data into multiple columns.


                      "And how is the data entry, by checkbox in a portal?"

                      That's up to you. So far, my posts are focusing on output. Once that is figured out, a number of different layout designs can work for data entry. Given the fairly large range of possible size values, I'd think a field in a portal, formatted as a dropdown list would be more practical than check boxes.

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                        Thank you Phil.  36ss is a short sleeve shirt.  Got this already properly sorted in the value lists.


                        I'll look at horizontal portals in this forum, thank you.


                        Are you saying that check boxes wouldn't really work all that well?  A drop down list would be too time consuming as you would have to select each and every size for a range of shirts.  Check boxes would allow for rapid ticking.


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                          Check boxes can work just fine, it's just that they take up so much room on your layout.


                          Since you should be creating a new line item record for each size specified on the order, this could result in a great deal of scrolling through line item records to complete a single order. A single drop down field won't take up near as much room.


                          A compromise to consider is a single list of sizes in a portal where clicking a portal row adds that item to your current invoice by creating a record in your portal with the size already specified (you'd then type in the quantity). This takes some scripting but isn't too hard to set up.

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                            Many thanks Phil, been puzzling and puzzling and decided to get some professional help.  Your advice will come in handy.


                            Best regards,