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    Sizing a layout for FMGo on iPad



      Sizing a layout for FMGo on iPad


      New to FM Pro and trying to design a layout for the iPad version of FMGo. I see options for Page layout which allow you to set up print sizes but nowhere do I see a place to set up the size in pixels for an iPad layout. How do I do that? Also, if I set up a list of fields in layout mode and they are beautifully spaced and aligned and then I want to move the last one so it's between the 1st 2 for example, how can I easily do that and keep the spacing and alignment nice?

      Appreciate the help. Thanks.

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          There is a forum for FM Go in the tabs at the top of this page.

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            In the inspector, there's a Position tab that shows the size and location of any selected layout object, which can include the height of a layout part if you click its label. These boxes can display data in inches, centimeters or pixels. To change the units just keep clicking the units to the right of one of these boxes until you see the units you want. You can change a selected objects size or position by editing the numbers in these boxes.

            There are also alignment tools in this same tab, you can nudge objects around one pixel at a time by selecting them and then pressing an arrow key, there's a T-Square tool available in the view menu...