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    Sketching Capibilities



      Sketching Capibilities


      I new to insert image and make medical sketch notations on the image and store it with client record.  Any thoughts?

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          Will the user be annotating a series of standardized sketches, or might a sketch be a unique creation?

          If they are canned sketches and the user just fills in some labels for the sketch, there are several ways to go about this, but if the user needs to insert new and unique sketches, then this becomes something that might be difficult to do with FileMaker unless a plug in developer has created a way to do this.

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            User will be annotating human image with reference marks on the image.  Each client being unique.  Wondering if signature capture code is applicable?

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              But is it the same image but with different notations or will every image be unique to the patient?

              If it's the same image, can the reference marks be standardized? (Some reference marks can be left blank if they aren't relvant to a specific person.)

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                Same image, with freeform notations per patient.  It's possible that marking could be standardized.  This is in development stage.

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                  Here's what I'm thinking of, using a simplified example:

                  Let's say you have an image of the bones of the human hand. You add lines with letter labels pointing to each finger. You can then define text fields with matching letters for recording comments on each finger of the hand. For cases where, say the ring finger, is not relevant, that text field would be left blank.

                  The text fields can even be located on top of the image instead of off to one side.

                  This can be made to work as long as you don't have two many different combinations of possible annotation locations in one sketch image. (You can create a number of different sketch images with different annotation options to better manage this.)

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                    Thanks for the input.  I need to talk to the PT and see how many notations will be required.


                    Mike Van Meter

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                      Mike, I see this post is a year old.  

                      I am trying to do the same thing to switch from a hard copy Review of Systems during clinical workup to a filemaker form where the doc can append free hand sketches and free text entry notes.   

                      How did you finally solve this problem?

                      Does anyone know of a plug in that can do an insert of freehand sketch and or free text entry (as image or text) into latest FM database?



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                             Kanwar,  Sorry I did not respond.  Project was put on back burner.  Nothing more has been done on this.