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Skipping fields

Question asked by MichaelS_1 on Sep 5, 2012
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Skipping fields


I might need to create a basic survey with FileMaker Pro 11.  The survey will require skip patterns.  For example:

Question 1:  Is your favorite sport baseball or football?

Question 2:  What is your favorite baseball team?

Question 3:  What is your favorite football team?

Question 4:  What state do you live in?

If the respondent answers "baseball" to Q1, go to Q2.  Then skip Q3 to go to Q4.  If the answer is "football", skip Q2 and go directly to Q3, then on to Q4.


How do I tell FileMaker to go to a specific field based on the response in the current field?  FileMaker is being used as a data collection tool only.  The data will be exported into a statistical package for analysis.  At this point, data structure will be a single table with: Field 1 = Respondent ID, Field 2 = Question 1 response, Field 3 = Question 2 response, etc.