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Sleep mode-Disconnected-Solutions/Workarounds?

Question asked by LarrySmith on Mar 24, 2014


Sleep mode-Disconnected-Solutions/Workarounds?


     Has anyone found any solutions or workarounds to this problem?

     "FileMaker Pro does not maintain connections to FileMaker Server or other FileMaker Pro hosts when the computer on which it is running is put into Sleep mode. After 'waking' the machine, FileMaker Pro may appear to still be connected to a host but upon trying to move through records or perform any other action on the hosted file, an error will be displayed and the hosted file will be closed. The error displayed in this situation is often: "Communication with the host was interrupted and cannot be reestablished. (-3284)".  You must reopen the file on the host and connect to the file."

     Do you just set the Sleep trigger to a longer time, like 2 hours?

     Has anyone had any luck with any particular settings in Windows?
     Probably depends on the computer, but:
     In Control Panel - System - Device Manager
     Then Right Click on Ethernet Card,

     Some computers have some options, like:
     "Allow the computer to turn off this Ethernet Card to save Power"

     Which I though might help, when I unclicked that, but doesn't seem to make any difference.

     I think what I want is:
     Let the computer go to sleep, but keep the Ethernet card active
     Has anyone else found any settings that will keep FileMaker connected to the server, while the computer goes into a low power mode?

     Thank you,