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    Slide control issue



      Slide control issue


           I have a script (well a bunch of scripts actually) that Set Script animation (on) and then use a go to object (object name) to switch a slide control.  However I recently am having an issues were the slide control will switch, then immediately switch back.  When I run the script debugger, the slide control switches as it should, but then after the last step of the script (which is just an end if), it immediately switches back to its default view.  I have no script triggers on the layouts where this is occuring.  

           Any ideas?

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               I figured out the problem.  I was pressing return to exit a field.  This activated the slide.  However according to the tab order, the 'next field' was on the slide menu I moved away from.  So it moved the slide back.  When I changed the tab order, the problem went away.  Not the first time the whole tab order thing has caused me problems.  I kinda don't like the way it's done done tbh.

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                       I was pressing return to exit a field.  This activated the slide.

                 There's another solution. End the script with Exit Script [False]

                 When a script is performed by a script trigger that performs the script before processing the triggering event, you can use this step to cancel out the triggering event.

                 See Setting Up Script Triggers in FileMaker help to learn more about this. (There's a chart that shows which triggers are "before the event" and which aren't.)

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                   Thanks- that's actually going to come in very handy.