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Slide control or just script question

Question asked by PeterDurant on May 19, 2015
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Slide control or just script question


I need some help with setting up a slide control (though what I need help with is probably not specifically related to slide control but could also be done with tab control).  My database consists of all residents from several towns and I'm looking to use tab control to conduct searches and filter residents.  Here's what I am envisioning:

Slide 1: One field to select the town from a list of all towns.  Selecting the town would move to the next slide (script trigger?)

Slide 2: A portal showing all of the streets in the town selected listed alphabetically. Selecting the street moves to the next slide

Slide 3: A list of all people on the street listed by street number.  Selecting a person moves to the last slide

Slide 4: Details of the person

I'm just not sure of how to write the scripts to do what I want.  On slide 1 do I perform a search in the script step and if so how can I pre-populate the find with a dynamic field?  I have other questions as well, so any direction to start the discussion would be appreciated.