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    Slide fields on layout



      Slide fields on layout



      I have been trying to find out if File Maker has an option which will make it so fields will slide next to each other to remove empty space. So if lets say 3 fields were all aligned horizontally but the middle one was hidden, the far right one would slide leftin the browse mode so it would look like there would only be 2 fields.

      In Edit Layout mode:[Field 1][Field 2][Field 3]

      In Browse mode:[Field 1][Field 3] (Because Field 2 is hidden.)

      If this is possible and anyone has any ideas on how to do it I would greatly appreciate your advice.


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          Not in browse mode. You can set sliding options on a layout object, but the change takes place in Preview mode, printing or saving as PDF.

          You'd need to use some other layout design method. On possibility that can only be used in certain layout designs would be to use either a slide or tab control with at least two panels, one with fields 1 and 3 placed next to each other and one with fields 1, 2 and 3.

          You might also "stack" a second copy of field 3 on top of field 2. Then use Hide Object When to make this copy visible (and to hide the original copy) when field 2 is hidden. That's a fairly workable solution for just 3 fields, but if you have 10 or more involved, this won't be practical.

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            OK thank you. Yeah I have 7-8 fields that all could have the possibility of having data entered into them so the second method won't work. The tab method (if I understand correctly) wouldn't work well either. Because having 8 fields that can each at any point contain data or not would require more tabs than is realistic or practical. Guess I am going to either have to deal with the empty spaces or find another way to generate this list.

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              With a vertical instead of horizontal arrangement of records, each "field" could be in a different related record and you could mix and match what records are visible in a portal.

              You could extend that idea into a horizontal arrangement of one row portals where you manipulate portal filters or match field values to bring up different records in each one row portal.