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Slide Up Glitch

Question asked by bgscott on Oct 17, 2009


Slide Up Glitch


FileMaker Pro V6 running on Windows XP.  Data on FileMaker Pro server.


I have an occasional problem with slide up fields on reports.  Here is some information and troublshooting I have done. Problem does not happen on most records and might not happen at all on the report.  When it does happen, it only happens on one or two of records on a large report.


- reports showing the proplem are usually quite long 40 plus pages

- report has several slide up fields for each record

- all fields slide up as they should in 99.9% of the report

- occasionally data in a slide up field slips down from the row it should start on (about 1/2 of a line or so) and bottom half of the data gets chopped off

- if for troubleshooting I put a border around one of the field showing the problem, the field is where it should be on the report (the field does not slip down from the row it should be on), but the data within the field has slipped down, causing the bottom of the data to get chopped off

- can occur when data only needs one line of field height or when data needs more than one line of field height

- can happen any place on the page, middle top or bottom

- I have verified that the data in the record is okay, no carriage returns etc in the field pushing the data down

- when problem occurs it often happens in more than one slide up field for that record on the report

- on a 50 page report this problem might happen on one or two records, the fields in question print and slide correctly for all other records on the report

- the problem will show up in preview mode and on the printed report which leads me to believe that it is not a print driver issue

- if I remove slide up option from the field, the data prints correctly


I have tried everything I can think of to solve this problem to the point where it appears to be a FileMaker slide up glitch?