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    Slideshow Pictures



      Slideshow Pictures




           I would like to know if it's possible to have multiple photos in a container and create a slideshow with them? Is that possible?

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               You can only insert a single image file into a given container field, but you can set up a whole table of records with one image in the container field of each record and then change from record to record to produce your slide show.

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                 Thanks for the reply. Since I am new at this would you be able to explain how to do this?

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                   Remember the old slide projectors with a carousel of slides in them?

                   A table will be like that carousel but with the ability to store any number of "slides".

                   Those cardboard slide holders that were inserted into each slot of the carousel are like the individual records with one container field that I am describing.

                   Your old projectors rotated the carousel, inserting a different slide in front of the projector lamp each time someone clicked a button. In our table, we need only move from record to record to put a different image up on the computer screen.

                   a) Go to Manage | Database | Tables and create a new table for your images.

                   b) click over to Fields and define a new field of type container.

                   c) Click Ok to get back to your layout. enter layout mode and use the field Tool/Field Picker (FileMaker 13) to add the container field to your layout if it was not added automatically.

                   d) click on the field and drag to position it the way you like. Drag the selection handles to resize it to the size you want.

                   e) click on the inspector's data tab and make sure that Reduce or Enlarge image to fit and "maintain proportions" is selected.

                   F) return to Browse mode and insert pictures into different records on your table. You can create new records by selecting New record from the Records menu. You can click the container field and then use the Insert menu to insert images. You can also use Import Records | Folder to import all the images in a folder on your computer into the table all in one go.

                   G) then manually click through your records using the book control or create a script that uses Go to Record to change from record to record. You can use the Pause/Resume Script step to pause your script for a few seconds between changes so the viewer has the chance to see each image.