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      Sliding & Visibility in Reports??


      Ok...I'm going to try and explain this is simply and clearly as possible, not even sure I've used the right title.

      I have three tables, Clients<->Applications<->Services

      I'm trying to create a report that gives an overview of all the applications and all of it's associated services related to a client.  The reason I do not simply put portals of the related tables on the layout is I'm trying to use the "slide up based on all objects above" and "Resize enclosing objects" option that is in the inspector as there is a field on each table that can have a lot of text in it.  Unfortunately this does not seem to work with portals. (I was trying to make the portal row really large, to expand the text box that could have a lot of info in it and apply these attributes, hoping it would minimise for those that have little or none, but it does not do this as it would for text fields/items not in portals)

      So...what I'm trying to figure out is the best way to do this....maybe create a field on the applications table, that creates a list of all the related services as they would all be individual records so that I can make use of the slide up attribute (if that's possible) or maybe learn some other options which will allow me to show multiple applications and multiple services that will slide up for smaller records, better utilising space on a page to possible fit info for more than one client.

      Have I explained that in anyway remotely possible to decipher? 

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          We need:

          a) a description or screen shot (from manage database) of the tables and relationships that store the data you want to use for your report.

          b) at least a general sketch of the report format that you are trying to create and specifically how you are trying to use a portal or portals in that report.

          If there is only one portal that you need for your report, there is a very nice alternative to portals that can possibly be set up for your report.

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            Ok.  The relationships at the moment are as follows:

            Clients::ClientID = Applications::ClientIDFK

            Applications::AppID = Services::AppIDFK

            I have attached a quick idea of the report layout I was hoping to achieve.  The other way to do it is first list all the Applications for a client as in the sample then list all the services under them and I could reference the AppIDFK so we know which application its associated to when reading it, It doesn't HAVE to be application 1 then all associated services, application 2, all associated services, etc.  Although that would be ideal.  Mainly I just need to maximise the space on a report for printing so that's why I'm trying to use the slide up feature as some will have very little info and other loads.

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              The good news is that there is a simple list view report method that will work for you that does not use portals. It works because your relationships forma a "one to many" single "chain" of relationships:


              If there were branches to this chain or they weren't all one to many as you read from left to right, this wouldn't work.

              Create a list view layout based on Services.

              Put fields from Clients into the header, footer or a grand summary layout part

              Put fields from applications into a sub summary layout part (When sorted by appIDFK)

              Put services into the body. (size the body to be a narrow row of information)

              Perform a find for all Services records, specifying a specific Client ID in Clients::ClientID. This will find all services records linked to that Client. Sort your records by appIDFK in order to make the sub summary layout parts visible.

              There is one possible limitation to this report that may keep it from working for you. This approach assumes that there will be at least one record in services linked to every application record for this client. If you have any application records with no services specified, they won't appear in this report.

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                Thank you so much!!  I am my own worst enemy at times over thinking things.  I was basing my original attempts on the wrong tables.  This makes it so simple!!  Thanks again.  And thankfully there will not be any limitations as every application will always have at least ONE service to it.  yes