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Question asked by Annette on Apr 23, 2015
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Sliding & Visibility in Reports??


Ok...I'm going to try and explain this is simply and clearly as possible, not even sure I've used the right title.

I have three tables, Clients<->Applications<->Services

I'm trying to create a report that gives an overview of all the applications and all of it's associated services related to a client.  The reason I do not simply put portals of the related tables on the layout is I'm trying to use the "slide up based on all objects above" and "Resize enclosing objects" option that is in the inspector as there is a field on each table that can have a lot of text in it.  Unfortunately this does not seem to work with portals. (I was trying to make the portal row really large, to expand the text box that could have a lot of info in it and apply these attributes, hoping it would minimise for those that have little or none, but it does not do this as it would for text fields/items not in portals)

So...what I'm trying to figure out is the best way to do this....maybe create a field on the applications table, that creates a list of all the related services as they would all be individual records so that I can make use of the slide up attribute (if that's possible) or maybe learn some other options which will allow me to show multiple applications and multiple services that will slide up for smaller records, better utilising space on a page to possible fit info for more than one client.

Have I explained that in anyway remotely possible to decipher?