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    sliding checkboxes



      sliding checkboxes


      hey group

      i want a checkbox set on a layout but there will be to many options for the space of the box. is it possible to have a slider option to reveal the unseen areas?


      regards fluffy.

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          What about a tab pannel, using a different value list for each tab, but applied to the same field ?

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            Hi Raybaudi


            I am using a tabbed panel at the moment, but sometimes taking your eye off the main data can have a negative imapact so switching between tabs is not always practical.

            Also I think this would be very handy to use in portal rows, it would mean you could pack a load of options into a single line?

            regards Fluffy

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              It's possible to set up a portal so that you get a "check box with scroll bar" effect. It takes some scripting to set up, but isn't too hard to do.

              Here's a demo file: http://www.4shared.com/file/P5GpX8og/ContainerFieldCheckBoxes.html

              Check out the "Portal" layout to see what I am describing. It uses a container field to show which values have been selected, though text with a conditional format may be used instead or even a calculation field formatted as a check box.

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                Hi Phil

                That's good, thanks. however in playing with it i shows another issue:

                what I am trying to achieve is within a portal I have various fields that need entering and the current layout is showing a few records within the portal. I would like one of the fields to be a multiple option/check box selection in the portal row.  and because this will be within another portal, the check box selection field is only 1 row high and not very wide on initial viewing. (this is just an input screen where a lot of data is being entered in one place. there will be other  layouts that show the data better based on search criteria etc..)

                If I use the sliding option on a long list of check box options it will be a bit fiddly / awkward to scroll up and down making the selections.

                So my question is can a check box set be in a portal row so that you click on the field and a drop down window will appear showing all the selections in the little window? 

                basically it is a pop up or drop down check box!



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                  First a few picky, but important details:

                  "because this will be within another portal, the check box selection field is only 1 row high and not very wide on initial viewing."

                  Portal rows can be as tall as you want. You aren't limited to a single narrow row unless you want to. You can resize them to fit your needs.

                  You can't use my suggestion inside of a portal as you can't have portals inside of portals.

                  You could format your field as a pop-up menu and shift click to make multiple selections. I don't like using pop-up menus in this way, but it does work.

                  You can also make your field a button that fires a script that pops up a floating window where you can make your selections.