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Sliding fields with text running over multiple pages

Question asked by nard1 on Dec 16, 2009
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Sliding fields with text running over multiple pages


[Working with FMP 10 on a windows xp pro machine]




I have trouble getting parts of a layout to slide the way I want it.


I have large amount of text in a database that I want to be able to print as a kind of 'word document style' layout. I have a table with 8 fields:

1. chapter

2. sub chapter

3. text body (can be from half a page of text up to 5 pages of text)

4. to 8. Picture containters   (some records only hold one picture while others hold 5)


This way every record holds the text body of a sub chapter (that is assigned to a chapter) and the pictures that belong to the text.


What I want to be albe to do is to print all the records so they form a kind of 'book'. I managed to do this by creating a list report with grouped data (organized by chapter and sub chapter). I set al the fields to sliding (up) so that all the text and picture fields are reduced to the size of the content.


So far, so good.

The problem that occurs happens when a records text body stretches over multiple pages or has multiple pictures that don't fit on one page (to print). When this is the case the text body will not slide underneath the chapter and sub chapter parts but will be placed on the next page. The same happens for the next records. Every time a record text body is longer than one page, it will not slide to the end of the previous records content but it will start on a new page.


I hope anyone has experience with this sliding thing. Any help is welcome.