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Sliding Not Working

Question asked by crestfalleen on Aug 27, 2012
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Sliding Not Working


I'm trying to set up our database to print labels. We're still using the free trial as we're making sure FMP12 can do everything we need before we switch our main office computer to Mac. I have it set up to print labels but I can't get it to slide the text up when a field is blank. This is how I have it set up:


<<First>> <<Last>>

<<Home Address 1>>

<<Home City>>, <<Home State>>  <<Home Postal Code>>


However, on some of our entries we don't have a first or last name, it's just church, address, city, state, zip. So we want that space that is left by first and last name to be removed and the address, city, state, zip lines to be moved up. 

I've gone into the inspector and went to Sliding & Visibility to "Remove blank space by: Sliding Up based on: All objects above" and "only objected directly above" (at different times of course), but neither of them seems to be doing anything. After doing this I go and check it in preview mode, but I still get the blank space. I've added a screenshot too so you can see. How can I fix this and get rid of the blank space? Am I looking in the right place to do this? Thanks so much.