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Sliding Obects (fields) have page breaks

Question asked by GSK on Mar 23, 2010
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Sliding Obects (fields) have page breaks


I am having a little problem with a report and sliding objects. There are six fields that can contain a lot of information or very little. I have set each of these six fields on a report with each field having on page for a total of seven pages. The first page is a general description of the report with some static fields embedded. The next six pages have a small field description and the field as large as the page. The date for any of these six fields can be one sentence or several paragraphs. The report can be as small as two pages or as large as seven pages. The problem I am having is with the sliding objects and the page breaks in the middle of a field. I would like to have each page in the report to start with the field description and data with no page breaks in the middle of the data or field description.

Is there anyway to have the records NOT have a page break across the field description/record? Currently I am getting some to the fields begin at the bottom of one page and finishing the data on the second page. I would like to have the page break between the fields if the description and field cannot fit on the same page. I have tried to "group" the description and field but there will be a page break in the grouped description/field.


Any Suggestions?




Windows XP SP3

FM Pro 10