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    Sliding Objects and Headers



      Sliding Objects and Headers


      After spending a few hours trying to get a Title Header and a Regular Header to collapse when selecting "Also reduce the size of the enclosing part," only to fail every time, I did a search in this forum on this and found this:


      "Headers, Title Headers, Footers and Title Footers are not designed to slide up and therefore will not collapse when "Also reduce the size of the enclosing part" is checked in the Slide Objects dialog. There is no workaround."


      Is there no workaround even for FMP 10? I'm using FMP 10 Advanced.

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          I don't have an answer, sorry, but maybe I can inspire you to think of one?


          Re-phrasing the statement in the positive, I assume 'Reduce the size of the enclosing part' could say in addition, "...but only if it is a body, sub-summary or grand summary."


          Can you come up with a usually-nonsensical break field to artificially create a Leading Grand Summary, Sub-summary (leading), Sub-summary (trailing), and Trailing Grand summary that could, for your particular purposes, be made to substitute for the various header and footer parts?


          Bit of a wild shot, I know,


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            The Header and Footer information is something that is fixed and appears on every page.  Think of it as a word processor or spreadsheet header/footer.  Maybe the better question is, "Why do you want the Header/Footer variable length?"


            "Sorbsbuster" also makes an excellent comment (Thank you!).  That is, the Body, Sub-Summary and Grand Summary are all variable length.  Does this help?



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              Yeah, I get the idea. If it's really important to me, I may figure out a way to use the other Layout parts to handle this.


              Thanks, as usual.