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Sliding Objects Up

Question asked by RbnRbrts on Oct 10, 2012
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Sliding Objects Up & Enclosing Part with a Repeating Field


     I am having trouble "Sliding Objects Up & Enclosing Part" with a "Repeating Field". This would seem like a simple issue with a proven method of resolution documented somewhere. I just can't find the resolution.

     I have attached to images;

     The first image is showing a 'compressed report', with all vertical space removed. The 'reviewer' field in this case is only one unit high and not a repeating field.


     The second image shows the 'reviewer' field now 'repeating' and four units high. The field has the designation 'slide up based on all objects above', "Also resize enclosing part"

     ...but the report, as can be seen on second image, does not collapse the fields with 'no' information.

     Is this at all possible??  Thanks in advance.