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    sliding on portal rows



      sliding on portal rows


      Is it true that setting sliding on portal rows will expand them to fit the page/pages?


      I am testing it now, but have heard this before. I don't buy it. 

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          Fields and portals can be set to shrink but not to expand. You either have to resize them out to a maximum size and then set them to shrink or find a different way to display your data. Field and Portal shrinking are only visible in preview mode or when you print the layout.


          On the other hand, if you click into a field that has more data than it can display, it will pop out to display all the field's contents if the field's settings permit you to enter the field.

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            I knew about the sliding up. I didn't think you could expand portal rows, just wanted to ask in case the world wasn't actually flat.




            And yes, I was referring to printing a layout with a portal row.