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    Sliding Rectangle and Vertical Line



      Sliding Rectangle and Vertical Line


      I have a report with 11 lines of text/data, separated by horizontal lines.  All of them are set to slide up based on All objects above.  This works well.

      What is not working is the rectangle around all the data and the vertical lines between the columns.  Either they remain the same size or do not adjust correctly.  I have tried sliding and auto-resize on both with no luck. 

      I appreciate any input.


      7/14/11 - UPDATE - Thanks for the post, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do this.  

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          Rectangles won't work for this as they won't shrink in size. Even vertical lines don't work that well here. You can test this on your layout and see if the results are exceptable, but you can put a vertical line on your layout that starts with one pixel in the header and extends across your entire body part to leave one pixel in the footer. Combined with your horizontal lines that slide up, this works to produce consistently sized boxes around your sliding data, but that extra pixel in the footer (or trailing grand summary or trailing sub summary...) looks pretty ugly when I try it, so I usually settle for a layout design that does not include vertical borders when I need things to slide/resize.