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      sliding up & resizing fields


      Have noted that when I set the text to be aligned in the centre (vertically), the print preview no longer shows the fields compacted. This works fine when the text is top justified. Find it strange why this should be: Any thoughts would be welcome.

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          Since vertically centering the text places it in the middle between the top and bottom borders of the field, how would this setting make sense if sliding the field slid it up and shrank the enclosing part?

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            Sorry I should explain a bit more -

            - The form has a repeating field with about 30 repeating fields being shown vertically followed by other text. When I tested it out, there was no data in this repeating field. So when this field is set to centre justify (vertically), the subsequent parts retain their locations as seen in the Browse mode (offset by the repeating field size). However, when the field is set to top justify, they show a copacted form with the subsequent data pulled up.


            Given the fact that there was no data, I would have imagined that the data would compact in similar ways. Furthermore, if the data is input in say the first repeating field, why do the other repeating fields still retain their "size" when in the centre justify mode?


            I should note that I am using FMPA 11 on a mac OS 10.6.3 (if this helps).


            Thanks again!