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Sliding Up Results in Overlapping Text on Repeating Fields

Question asked by MikeBradshaw on Jan 30, 2012
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Sliding Up Results in Overlapping Text on Repeating Fields


Hi, I have tried searching for an answer to this, but cannot find one. Please forgive me if I have missed it.


Here goes: I am setting up a database created from the FM Starting Point 2.1 template as this does pretty much all I need. That said, I have part numbers and product descriptions that are potentially much longer than the fields will show. I read that to overcome this you need to use the 'Sliding Up' function and to set the field to be large enough to show the potential amount of text held in the field. 

I have done this and what I get is wrapped text in a field but then the second line item partially overlaps the first. I have tried playing around with the Paragraph Line Spacing options but these do not seem to make much difference. I have also tried applying the slide up option to the whole line rather than just the field that has the wrapped text and again this doesn't make any difference. See example below.

I would really appreciate it if someone can help me in the quest to produce quotes or invoices where the product description may be more than 1 line of text, but where the items do not have loads of blank lines if they only require one line of text.

I am using FM Pro V11.0V4.

Thanks in advance