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    Sliding Up Results in Overlapping Text on Repeating Fields



      Sliding Up Results in Overlapping Text on Repeating Fields


      Hi, I have tried searching for an answer to this, but cannot find one. Please forgive me if I have missed it.


      Here goes: I am setting up a database created from the FM Starting Point 2.1 template as this does pretty much all I need. That said, I have part numbers and product descriptions that are potentially much longer than the fields will show. I read that to overcome this you need to use the 'Sliding Up' function and to set the field to be large enough to show the potential amount of text held in the field. 

      I have done this and what I get is wrapped text in a field but then the second line item partially overlaps the first. I have tried playing around with the Paragraph Line Spacing options but these do not seem to make much difference. I have also tried applying the slide up option to the whole line rather than just the field that has the wrapped text and again this doesn't make any difference. See example below.

      I would really appreciate it if someone can help me in the quest to produce quotes or invoices where the product description may be more than 1 line of text, but where the items do not have loads of blank lines if they only require one line of text.

      I am using FM Pro V11.0V4.

      Thanks in advance



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          We need to see the details of your layout design here and the exact sliding options specified here.

          Is this a portal of line items?

          Is this a list view of line items?

          Is this a screen shot of a PDF or of the layout while in Preview Mode? (Or is it in browse mode?)

          You said this was a repeating field--which is a specific type of field definition best avoided in all but very specialized cases--and this does not appear to be one of those cases. This isn't a real repeating field here is it?

          In the Sliding and Visibility section of the inspector, you have two radio buttons:

          All objects Above

          Only objects directly above

          which option did you choose for the two fields shown here?

          Key facts about sliding layout objects:

          1. It's only visible in preview mode and when you print/save as PDF...
          2. All layout objects below and in the same layout part as the slide/resize field need to also be set to slide up and resize.
          3. Objects in headers and footers will not slide.
          4. Portals will shrink/slide to fit the number of rows of records, but fields within the portal row will not shrink/slide.
          5. Container fields will slide only if Top, Left alignment is specified for it in the data formatting section of the Inspector's data tab.
          6. Consistent side borders are difficult to achieve with sliding fields.
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            Thanks for the quick response.

            I actually solved the question related about overlapping text. This was because the top of the Portal was only set at 1 line deep, so even though I had extended the field size to cater or the 3 lines of potential text, the portal was determining the size before the next record was shown. Hence the overlap.

            However, on solving that bit I am still not having any joy with the 'Slide Up'.

            The layout contains a Portal on a form View of the items. The screenshot was of the Preview Mode.

            By repeating field I meant that the field is defined once from the Line Items table, therefore it will repeat as many times as there are records with the same Invoice ID.

            I have tried associating the Slide Up command to the individual field and to the Part and to both, but each time the blanks are still there. I have ticked the All Objects Above and also tried it with the 'only objects directly above' ticked. In each case I have also tried the resize the part option too.

            I feel I am 90% there with the desired result, however the only part missing is getting rid of the blanks.

            I have included a screenshot of the Layout and the resulting Preview. I have blanked certain parts of the text.

            Thanks for the help.


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              As listed in the "key facts" part of my last post, Fields within a portal do not slide up. If you have a 10 row portal on your layout and only 5 records in the portal, a sliding portal will shrink dow to 5 rows, but the fields within that row do not slide or resize.

              I suggest you redesign your layout to do without the portal completely. You can base your layout on the line items table and use list view to show all the line items in your invoice--now sliding will work for you as you do not have a portal. The other data from the invoice record can still be placed on such a layout such as putting them in the header of such a layout.

              Here's a simplified demo file that uses this method to print invoices so you can check out both the design of the layout and the script used with it to print invoices: http://fmforums.com/forum/showpost.php?post/309136/

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                Thanks, although the way the database was built, it uses a 'Master' Table for the invoice and then another table for the Line Items. If I associate the layout to the 'main' table then I get the first record only. If I associate the layout to the Line Item table then I get all the items but no Invoice header info. I will take a look at the demo and try it out.


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                  Given the relationship between the main table and line items that you must have for your portal, you can just add the fields from the main table to your line items based layout and they will display data from the correct related record.

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                    I tried this and managed to get the fields to print perfectly (thanks). However, now the issue is that the only Invoice that will 'print' is the very first one. Previously, if I was viewing an invoice, it would be that one that would print (using the InvoiceID), however now that I reset the Layout to use the LineItems and then get the Header details from the main table, the report defaults to the first invoice regardless of which invoice you were viewing. I guess I will need to find some way of assigning the current InvoiceID from the main table to ensure the correct LineItems are selected before the Layout is shown. 

                    As I am new to FMP I am not entirely sure how to do this. 

                    Appreciating the help up to now.


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                      You use a script performed from the invoices layout to pull up the related line items records on the invoice print layout. You'll find an example of this script in the demo file.

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                        Thanks for your help PhilModJunk. I have now got this working, but interestinglyit was by manipulating the scripts in the template.

                        I will try to summarise as best I can what I did to resolve this PITA, although it would have been much easier if FileMaker could have just let you use the Sliding Up command both in a Portal as well as to the Portal (hopefully that makes sense).

                        So, I have a main table called 'Invoice' which holds the main data around the invoice. There is then a 'sub-table' called 'Invoice_Line_Items' which holds the actual invoice line items (surprise surprise). The link between these tables is Invoice_ID.

                        There is a Layout called PrintInvoice which includes the following parts:

                        Title Header - contains records from the Invoice Table related to main invoice informations such as date, tax ref, billing address etc.

                        Header: - summary of Invoice Number, Invoice Date and Page Number - this is for the additional pages should the invoice go beyond one page

                        Body: includes the line items (part number, description, qty, Unit Price, Ext Price)

                        Trailing Grand Summary: which includes the totals etc and any invoice messages (payment terms etc)

                        Footer: Company name, registration number etc

                        The table is linked to the 'Invoice_Line_Items' table and not directly to the main 'Invoice' table. Hence Show Records from the 'Invoice_LIne_Items table. Default view is List View

                        I also set a script up which will 'print' the invoice:

                        Go to related Record [Show only related records; From table "Invoice_Line_Items||Invoice_ID|"; Using Layout "PrintInvoice" (Invoice_Line_Item||Invoice_ID|)]

                        Sort Records [Restore; No dialog]

                        Enter Preview Mode [Pause]

                        Enter Browse Mode []

                        Go to Layout [original layout]



                        So now if I am in the Invoice Data Entry window and I select an invoice and then press a button which runs the Print Invoice Script, it shows the Invoice eaxctly as I want. Phew! In at the deep end :-)

                        I may have missed something, but hopefully this will help others that may struggle with the fields in a portal nit sliding up.



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                          Seems like you got it set up right.

                          Personally, even if fields within the portal row could slide up, I'd use the lineItems layout for printing. With sliding layout objects you are stuck with an upper limit as to how much data you can show when you print/preview/PDF your report. If you exceed that limit (say by having more portal records than your portal has rows). When we can't avoid sliding we try to reduce the chances of that by making the fields or portals very large, but there's still at least a theoretical possibility that we'll get  more than the layout can display and such a limitation does not exist with the other method.