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    Sliding Up Tabs



      Sliding Up Tabs


           In Filemaker 12, can you have tabs slide up to close up printing space. The fields on the tab are empty and set to slide up.




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               Hmmm, tab controls aren't really something I'd use for a layout from which I want to print as the values in the other panels will not show in the output.

               It was easy enough to test. I went to a layout with a tab control and set it to slide up. Then previewed the layout. Since I don't see any change in the tab control, I must assume that tab controls cannot slide up. I was using FileMaker 13, but this is a test you can try in FileMaker 12 on your own if you want to see if it is any different from FMP 13.

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                 Well I have two horizontal lines that are about 1/2" apart with a text box in between. If the field below this title box have no data then the fields slide up, but how do I have this title box slide up?




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                   Set the field and the horizontal lines to: Slide up, resize enclosing part.

                   Key facts about sliding layout objects:

              1.           It's only visible in preview mode and when you print/save as PDF...
              3.           Sliding fields will shrink but not expand.
              5.           All layout objects below and in the same layout part as the slide/resize field need to also be set to slide up and resize.
              7.           Objects in headers and footers will not slide.
              9.           Portals will shrink/slide to fit the number of rows of records, but fields within the portal row will not shrink/slide.
              11.           Fields will slide up only if Top alignment is specified for it and will slide left only if Left alignment is specified.
              13.           Consistent side borders are difficult to achieve with sliding fields.
              15.           In FMP13, hidden objects (”Hide object when”) will slide/resize.