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Sliding up when printing issue

Question asked by BorisKamp on Apr 22, 2015


Sliding up when printing issue


Hi guys.

I have a list view specially made for printing, the layout exists of:

  • Header (90pt's heigh)
  • Body (30pt's heigh)
  • Sub summary when sorted by (30pt's heigh) (gray row)
  • Footer (30pt's heigh)

one of the fields on the body is a comment area.

Because the comments can vary from one to multiple lines, I created a 300pt heigh comment field on the layout with Remove blank space by set to Sliding up based on: All objects above and Also resize enclosing parts checked as well.

Now this causes a weird problem with the sub summary body part, it expands all the way to the bottom, somehow it's not locked to the 30 pt's of height I gave it.

How can I fix this?