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      I am creating a print layout for my invoices form.

      problem: In the body part of the print layout, i have 5 fields: product, description, price, quantity, and ext price. But some descriptions are longer than others and require more then 1 line and do not fully display. I tried making the body part and the description field bigger but that just makes products with descriptions of 1 line look too far apart.

      Is there a way to slide the records up and down depending on how many lines the description field takes to display?

      FM Pro Advanced 10 

        • 1. Re: sliding?

          Right click on the field you want to slide,

          there is an option in the displayed menu "Set Sliding/Printing"

          Select this and you can slide up the unused portion of the field

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            This will change how things appear in preview mode or when you Print/save as PDF. In browse mode, there will be no change.

            When you select sliding, also select "resize enclosing part" and also set any objects, even graphic objects next to or below it such as a horizontal line, to also slide up/resize.