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Slow Display Rendering in Filemaker on New Dell System

Question asked by dont88_1 on Jan 16, 2009
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Slow Display Rendering in Filemaker on New Dell System


Overview: I recently replaced an older Dell Computer and 19" LCD monitor (not widescreen) with a new Dell Precision with T7400 class processor and a single 24" widescreen LCD monitor. The video card is the standard one for this computer and has I believe 256 meg of video RAM. I have not tried the 19" monitor on the new computer. I was using Filemaker Pro 9 Advanced, but the problem is the same or worse in the case of scrolling lists or tables on the Trial version of Filemaker Pro 10 I am using now. I've tried various Display Card and Monitor settings without any improvement.


Problem Details: I immediately noticed, only in my Filemaker applications, a significant slowdown in rendering the screen, especially in table or list mode. Removing some 3-D effects like emboss or engrave made some improvement, but the rows still seem to write each line one at a time and sometimes repeats writing the entire screen two or three times. This makes scrolling a page at a time slow and tedious. No other application on this computer acts in this slow manner.


One vary obvious slowdown is in the Database Management Relationship Screen. I've tested this in one of the Filemaker Templates and found when using Ctrl+A to select all (seven) relationships it takes about five seconds to highlight the relationship blocks with the gold outline. If I marquee all relationship blocks, the marquee doesn't even finish at the point I stop the mouse pointer until the relationship blocks are finished being highlighted as selected. Even if I select a single relationship block, there is still a noticeable delay of about a second in the highlighting of the selected block before I can drag it to reposition it.


I suspected a problem with the video card and 24" display combination, but again, this sluggishness only seems to happen with Filemaker. Has anyone else had a similar experience or does anyone know of a solution?