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    Slow Launch on OS 10.5.3



      Slow Launch on OS 10.5.3


      FileMaker 8 became very slow to launch, so I updated to 8.5. It's still slow to launch.


      I created a new Mac account and under it, it launches quickly.


      I trashed the FileMaker preferences, but that didn't solve the problem.


      Any help on how to get it launching normally would be appreciated.

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          Thans for your post.


          If this is user account specific in your OS then this usually indicates damage to the user account. There is one tool within the OS that may help with this, but if it fails you will need Apple to help troubleshoot the Mac user account.


          Navigate to you Applications folder and select the Utilities subfolder. Find and launch the Disk Utility. In the screen that shows up select your drive on the left and then at the bottom select Repair Disk permissions. Run this a coupl of times until no erors appear in the report. If this takes more than 3 runs and you are still getting errors then Apple will need to get involved at that point.


          Please keep me updated with any results or questions.



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