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Slow performance

Question asked by AnnieD on Jan 8, 2009
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Slow performance


I began using Filemaker 9 in October when I bought a MAC (2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GB 800 MHz DDr2 SDRAM - bought w/1 Gig of Ram and immediately needed to add a 2nd - because of a problem loading MS Excel).  Yesterday, I just upgraded to Filemaker 10. 

I am using Filemaker to write a book and hold the supporting data.  It is one table (I cannot wrap my my mind around relational DB) -- I have about 400 fields, 98,000 odd records and it is about 90 mb on the HD.   About a third of the records hold information in only about a dozen fields.


PROBLEM:  In both Filemakers, I have encountered times when I have had to wait (a second or more) to enter data into a field, and sorts are slow (slower than using MS Access on a 4 year old Dell machine).  When I am waiting to enter data, the computer simply won't let me do anything -- no swirling disks or other sign that the computer is doing anything.

I tried to add a lot of special characters to abbreviate my notes (because Filemaker won't allow me to sort more than 100 characters in a record) but that just made performance worse.

As of now, I have no calculation fields in the DB -- but I am afraid of what will happen as I need to add them in time.

I saw a note in the docs for the Filemaker 10 that changing the cache might improve performance for large files.  I did that -- now 16 rather than 8 -- but still no help.

Waiting to enter data is not a problem every once in a while, but I need to constantly sort and resort and change record entries.  These delays are slowing me down a lot.

I am obviously thinking about upgrading to 4 gigs of ram (the physical limit of this machine).  Are there other options (other than changing the basic structure of the DB - which at this point is non-negotiable)?  Are there Filemaker features I can turn off so as to save RAM? Any thoughts?