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Slow performance

Question asked by miw on Sep 17, 2014
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Slow performance


I have a relational database that prices inventory.  There are multiple tables as inventory pulls information from a few tables to determine costing.  For example, inventory components can be priced off of precious metal values (one table), MSRP (another table), fair value (another table) etc.  The user can select which value they would like to see in the inventory window and related inventory tables.  The calcs are mostly either unstored numeric calks or summary fields in the inventory table.  Once I get to a few hundred inventory items, the processing slows down dramatically.  I have eliminated unused calcs and summary fields.  Any suggestions on speeding up things?  I would be even willing to sacrifice immediate updates on inventory item valuation and total inventory valuation by some method to only calc on demand.  Any one have some good ideas to help?