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Slow Printing - FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced

Question asked by Azgreen on Aug 30, 2009
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Slow Printing - FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced


Hi All,


Have written a FileMaker solution, which prints to a Label Printer (Windows Platform).

I am finding that under FMP10 Advanced, there is a 3 second delay when I instruct filemaker to print. The hour glass appears, then after about 3 second you get the "filemaker is now printing" dialog, and then it prints immediately after the dialog appears. (e.g. the delays is before the printing dialog finally appears, not after it)

Under FMP7 using the same solution, printing is basically instant. 


Any ideas?

Have changed printer drivers, etc. There is nothing else running (apart from some basic background services). Am running Windows XP SP3.

3 seconds doesn't sound like much, but it is crucial that this process is as fast as possible.