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    Slow printing across network



      Slow printing across network


      I having a problem printing to network printers. The report is in the spooling stage for much longer than it should (approx. 3 minutes) meanwhile, on the client machine, FileMakerPro.exe is at 100% CPU usage.

      It's not a new problem, and more than one user is reporting this.


      Some important details:

      File Maker Pro 10

      Accessed via File Maker Pro 10 Server Advanced.


      It's ocurring with multiple printers, so it's not printer specific. Printing locally is normal, no long delay.

      I've changed all the fields to print in the same font, thinking that may speed it up, but it didn't...


      What can it be?

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          The machines are OSX or Windows or ?

          The printers are printing in color or B&W?

          The default resolution is 300, 600, or 1200 dpi?

          Filemaker is sort of a vector program (not exclusively) and high resolution can slow things. 

          Duplexing turned on?

          Reports longer than one page?


          The database is served by FMP Server Advanced?

          The database is accessed by FMP 10?

          If a tiny simple database is created and put on a local machine, same results?

          If the tiny simple database is put on the server, what happens? 

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            Hi David, thanks for the reply.


            All are windows machines.

            Printers are B&W, resolution:600dpi

            Duplexing is OFF

            Report is only about 3 pgs, approx 1MB


            DB(s) hosted on FMP Server Advanced 10

            All clients are FMP 10


            **Contrary to what I said before, local printing is also problematic, not limited to network printing...


             I'll have to try testing the simple DB.

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              The printers are HP LaserJet?

              You use perchance HP Universal Print Driver (HP UPD)?

              I've same problem with my printers, have you solved?