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    slow printing on large documents



      slow printing on large documents


      This has been a problem for years and my patience for it is wearing thin.


      When I print a large document (20+ pages), the first few pages come out at the top speed of the printer, then the rest come out one page every couple seconds.


      This happens on a variety of computer and printer combinations, most common are: macintosh 10.5.8 connected directly to HP2605 (home), or Vista networked to HP CP4700 (work).


      Any suggesions?

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          Printers have a variable amount of RAM. RAM is fast, it is filled and then it has to be refilled. The refill process can be slow due to the printer or the printer driver.

          If the RAM in the printer can be increased, increase it.

          If the RAM can not be increased, change the printer, or learn to live with it.

          Your response will be "but with this application..."

          Yes different applications interact with the OS and printer drivers in a variety of ways.

          Text only applications will always be faster.

          Applications that can (even if the current document does not) include graphics will be slower.


          NOTE: this was not my decision, just my experience.