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Slow printing to HP laserjets

Question asked by JonathanSchultis on Jul 10, 2013
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Slow printing to HP laserjets




     I know this has been discussed but I have not seen an answer to the problem of very slow printing to HP laserjets from various versions of FM.  Note that we've had this problem on versions 9 and 11,  on various operating systems,  and on many machines.  This only  happens on the HP laserjets we have,  several models and only newer ones.  Printing works fine on all other apps.  Printing is also fine on other brands of laserjets and inkjets and even older HP laserjets.  I've tried several print drivers,  PCL5, PCL6, and Postscript.  I've tried both the Universal on not and still the same result. It also doesn't seem to matter if it's a document with many records or a just, say,  a quote letter with data from one record.  Any thoughts are greatly appreciated as you may save the few hairs I have left on my head... :)