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Slow row selection for a portal on Windows systen

Question asked by BruceHerbach on Sep 13, 2009
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Slow row selection for a portal on Windows systen


I have an FM10 database with a portal.  On a Windows system clicking/selecting a different row in the portal causes filemaker to scroll through every visible line in the portal before highlighting the selected row.  Clicking on a button or field outside of the portal causes the same behavior before the item is selected.  The result is slow performance on this layout.


Working with the same database on a Mac it does not exhibit this behavior.  Selecting a row in the portal highlights the newly selected row quickly with out any indication of update to the other visible rows in the portal.  Selecting an item outside of the portal, the item is immeadiatly selected.


The primary field displayed in the portal row is a calculation field.  


I have run the database using the debugger to be sure that a script is not being triggered.


Any thoughts on how to resolve this or what the cause could be would be greatly appreciated.  




Bruce Herbach

FileMaker 9 Certifed Developer