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    Slow row selection for a portal on Windows systen



      Slow row selection for a portal on Windows systen


      I have an FM10 database with a portal.  On a Windows system clicking/selecting a different row in the portal causes filemaker to scroll through every visible line in the portal before highlighting the selected row.  Clicking on a button or field outside of the portal causes the same behavior before the item is selected.  The result is slow performance on this layout.


      Working with the same database on a Mac it does not exhibit this behavior.  Selecting a row in the portal highlights the newly selected row quickly with out any indication of update to the other visible rows in the portal.  Selecting an item outside of the portal, the item is immeadiatly selected.


      The primary field displayed in the portal row is a calculation field.  


      I have run the database using the debugger to be sure that a script is not being triggered.


      Any thoughts on how to resolve this or what the cause could be would be greatly appreciated.  




      Bruce Herbach

      FileMaker 9 Certifed Developer

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             i've had this problem pop up a bit, i dont think its such that pc does it, i think its more that mac does it but IN AN INSTANT, my main problem occured when loading a table with a lot of records, it loads them top to bottom slowly, solution for us was in the video card, its weird, but with a beefier video card with larger ram, records popped up a lot quicker
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            Thank you for your post.


            Can you provide more information on the calculation field.  Is it stored?  Unstored?  Is it being used as the link to the portal?  What is the field(s) being used to link to the portal?


            Any additional information you can provide to help me try and duplicate the problem would be appreciated.  If you have a sample file that I can use to duplicate the problem, please send it to me.  I have sent you a private message (top of this page - right side - X Messages) with instructions where to send the file.



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              Hi TSGal,


              Thanks for getting back to me.  The calculation fields displayed are Unstored.  Most are Sums of data from related tables/lines in the portal. This is a solution based based on Matt Petrowsky's unlimited hierarchy example built on Seedcodes full template.  ( A long story).


              At this point I am in the middle of an update that may help address the problem, but the database is not in a state where I can send it to you.  If I can finish the update and then if the problem still exists I'll send it to you.  This will be in a day or two.


              My apologies for the delay in getting back to you.  I have been sidelined by the flu and am just now getting back to work.


              Best regards

              Bruce Herbach

              FileMaker 9 Certified Developer