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Slow sorting when using calc fields

Question asked by EP on Mar 21, 2013
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Slow sorting when using calc fields


     Layout: Customer names in a list view

     I have a heading that has Sort buttons.  One of my buttons sorts by Amount of orders placed.  This would be easy to set up, however I want to filter out orders that were canceled.  I have 2 summary fields. 1-SumOrders and 2-SumOrdersCanceled.

     I tried setting this up on the layout using a portal with SumOrders in it and a filter to filter out canceled orders.  Problem is, when I click the button to sort by Orders, it doesn't take into account the canceled orders, so the sort is incorect.  I then created a calc field, cSumActualOrders: SumOrders - SumOrdersCanceled.

     Now I can sort by the calc field and it is accurate.  However, sorting is now slow and no longer "instant."  

     Any other methods I can employ?