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    Small Business Use - external users and back ups of contacts



      Small Business Use - external users and back ups of contacts


      Hi guys

      Hoping you might be able to help me! :( Am looking for some appropriate software for our business. Primarily needing a contacts database, diary system (that is accessible outside the office as well, i.e. not only on the local network server), and preferably the sort of management and database systems filemaker seems to come with. 

      My questions are - how many users can be added to this, and can they access for example the contacts and diary system from abroad/anywhere (or do we all need to be in the same office all the time)? Also, can you export for example your contacts to an excel sheet or similar for back up?


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          It depends on the $$ and time you wish to invest. You can set up a simple FileMaker Pro database and publish it to the web using Instant Web Publishing. This works for up to 9 users who also have Filemaker installed accessing it over the local network and/or up to 5 simultaneous users who are accessing the database from a web browser. Remote users can also use Filemaker instead of browser to access the database.

          While you can export the data into other file formats--including excel--it's even easier just to save a copy of the entire database file for back up purposes.

          If you need to support more users, want better performance, data security and/or automated backups there are more expensive FileMaker Server installations that can support many times that number of users. You can pull up spec sheets on all of FileMaker's current product line from the Products button at the top of your screen.