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Small company needing off the shelf database package with email

Question asked by EventMan on May 1, 2009
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Small company needing off the shelf database package with email


We are a small Corporate Event business in the UK who have been on Macs and FM since 1993 and have had the same really basic database (written on FM2 I think) from the beginning!! Although we have updated FM several times, we still have the same database set up but now we desperately need a new one so that emails are on centralised records instead of our individual laptops. I was wondering if anyone out there could help us find a ready made CRM database that allowed emails to be imported into the relevant client record - we can't write anything on FM as we're all useless with IT! Last year, we were convinced to upgrade from 5.5 to buy FM9 (server and 10 licences) and now the advice is to stop using FM and buy ACT! and Parallels as our Macs are Intel and it is a proven off the shelf database package. Therefore, before I bin a £2500 investment from last July, and end a 16 year relationship with FM, can anyone please please help IT illiterate people find an up-to-date, ready made database off the shelf. It seems to us that FM developers must have created '000s of them as the starting point for much more advanced projects but we just cant find one to use 'out of the box'. Thanks for any help you can give.