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Small doctor's office, complete "Practice Management" software

Question asked by YosemiteSam on Mar 18, 2013
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Small doctor's office, complete "Practice Management" software


     I am new to FM, and have 2 years experience with MS Access.   I am the IT support for a very small doctor's office.  The office consists of 1 doctor and one assistant.  They are big Apple & Mac users, so I did a "workaround" database in Excel three years ago, because I didn't have database experience then, I saw that MS Access didn't work on a Mac, and I didn't know FM existed.  The office is still currently using the Excel “database”.

     Let me give you the project overview, as I am just getting started with FM, and converting the Excel file to FM.  The doctor’s office does NOT deal with or take medical insurance as payment.

     There are only 3 tables right now:  “Address book”, “Doctor’s procedures”, and “Raw Data”

     The front desk assistant needs

     -    To generate a list of today’s clients (from an existing “Address Book” table) in the morning, and which procedure (from an existing “Doctor’s procedures” table) each client will have performed by the doctor.  There is roughly 20 clients per day, and roughly 20 different doctor procedures.

     -    For each of the day’s clients, provide a listing of their complete past visits, including date, procedure, notes from past procedures, and notes from the front desk assistant.  (All of this exists in a “Raw data” table, with ID’s for “Address Book” and “Doctor’s procedures” in raw data columns.  ONLY these columns have ID’s, the rest of the “Raw Data” is the actual data or text, making it a simple database design.  I have created the proper relationships in FM for “Address Book” and “Doctor’s procedures”.)

     -    Some clients pay as they go, while some buy a bulk number of visits, called “Packages”.  The front desk assistant needs to provide to the client how many visits out of their entire package they have used to date…what visit are they on today, and review their package plan.  In the database, this information consists of several columns of numbers in the “Raw data” table.

     -    Database functionality for new Package purchase by the client.

     -    Database functionality for a husband & wife or entire family who are sharing a package (my suggestion is a link table, where Address Book ID’s are linked in a separate table)

     -    If a client is not on a package, collect and record payment in the database.

     -    List of past & future appointments  (it would be extremely beneficial to link their Mac Address Book and iCal with FM).  What is their care plan, how often they are coming in, review of all appointments with client.

     -    Date they started (new patient date)  (this is a specific “Doctor Procedure”, where the “Doctor Procedure ID” = 8, so for the database, the “Address Book ID” = X, and the “Doctor Procedure ID” = 8 for all dates).

     -    When her last progress evaluation was (this is a specific “Doctor Procedure”, where the “Doctor Procedure ID” = 10, so for the database, the “Address Book ID = X, and the “Doctor Procedure ID” = 10 for all dates.

     -    Schedule a Progress Evaluation when close to end of package, so the database has to know when the Package is near exhaustion.

     -    Some clients are on a “Package payment plan”, where they pay 1st & 15th of the month

     -    Provide a receipt to a client, if asked

     -    Summarize all raw data in Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports

     The doctor’s needs

     -    She sees four clients at a time, out of the 20 clients for the day.  She needs to be able to move between 4 client’s data effortlessly and very quickly, using an iPad.

     -    View client treatment history, using an iPad.

     -    When last progress evaluation was, and when next one is due, using an iPad.

     -    Record notes of current exam, using an iPad or a Mac computer.

     (End of project overview)

     Work completed to date
     -    Imported all three tables into FM
     -    Created relationships for ID’s

     You needed to know the scope of work & overview.  Now, specific questions…

     Q#1:  Is there an “off the shelf” "Practice Management" software that could accomplish these tasks, where I do not have to build this from scratch?

     Q#2:  Best way to link Mac Address Book and iCal with FM?

     Q#3:  How do I the set the “Address Book ID” = X, and the “Doctor Procedure ID” = 8 for all dates, to appear in a field in a layout?

     Q#4:  In the Raw Data table, there are two columns for “Doctor Procedure ID”, as a client may have had two procedures in one visit.  If I set these two columns equal to the ID of the Doctor Procedure table in the Relationships window, FM creates an “AND” relationship, and returns an error.  FM is looking to see that both columns are equal to the ID column, where I want FM to go get the corresponding description from the ID table for both columns (a portal for both columns, not an AND relationship).  Any help?

     Large project, and thanks for your help,

     San Diego, CA