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Small FM freelancing JOB - Calendar-based Questionnaire

Question asked by TylerWray on Dec 14, 2013


Small FM freelancing JOB - Calendar-based Questionnaire


     Hey FM "pros." I've used FM as a tool to aid in conducting research for several years now, and despite some decent working knowledge, I need to have something made that just outstrips my skills in this area and frankly don't have the time to learn the details. So, I've offered this project up as a very small freelancing job. I say "very small" because it shouldn't require more than a few hours worth of work for the right person. I've posted ads at and describing the project in more detail. If you're interested, feel free to either check those out (specific links below) or send me a message and I can send along further detail.

     In short: basically what I need is a web-publishable calendar database. Users will enter their participant numbers (which will be done on my end manually, so there just needs to be a field for it) and then be taken to a calendar depicting the last 30 days. For each day (which will be colored green), they will click on the box for that day, which opens a window in which they answer several questions about things that have happened on that day. Once valid data has been entered for that day, they can close the window (or whatever) and the box representing that day turns red. Users continue to answer questions about each day until all days are red. So, this tool can basically use existing calendar tools, just dropping in a few extra features. 

     Let me know if you're interested and thanks!