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small office network help

Question asked by aaronlowden on Mar 10, 2015


small office network help


I have been tasked with setting up a network for my work office on a very limited budget with several goals in mind.
We have 10 macs as workstations one network ready printer and soon to have a mac mini aswell all needing connected to the network

1. networked access to a mac mini hosting our filemaker database (only purpose)
2. A shared ICAL between office staff (acheived hopefuly with osx server)
3. network access to our laser printer

Mac Mini Specs:
3.0GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i7
1TB Fusion Drive

I am a tech junkie and have built my own gaming pc recently so I am not toally clueless when it comes to computer hardware but I am new to networking and have a few questions I am hoping to get answered.

First of all we are using a bt business hub with 4 ethernet ports, a few of our machines as a result connect over wifi.

We frequently loose our broadband connection as well as local access to our database currently hosted on one of the imacs several times a day. We believe that there are IP conflicts happening but not sure. Any advise on this would be great

I am not sure wether an unmanaged or managed switch would be preferable given the circumstances.

Do I need to change routers to one more suitable to a small office network?

Thanks in advance for any advise you can give