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    small pop-up window (layout)



      small pop-up window (layout)


           I have a layout that has some detailed and confusing data in it.  So, I've made a key for one of the fields - basically it is a layout and I've made a 'key' button on the main layout that will open the 'key layout' .   It does work, but not the way I want it to.

           What I want is for the key layout to open in a small pop-up window, so that you can be looking at the original layout at the same time as having this other layout open.  I'd also like to control the size of the window.


           Are there ways to do this?




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               The new window script step can open a new window and if the next script step is go to layout, the two steps in combination will open a new window with the size and position you specify with the layout you select.

               But if you are on a windows system with windows maximized, additional code is needed to manage the size of the original window.

               Also, New Window gained some new options in FileMaker 12 not available in older versions. One option makes the new window "modal" meaning that users cannot interact with the original window until they close the new floating window. There are ways to use a script to get this same effect in older versions of FileMaker.

               If any of these details are issues you need to deal with, let me know.