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Small question to experienced FM Pro developer - layouts and themes

Question asked by on Nov 3, 2011
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Small question to experienced FM Pro developer - layouts and themes


From some time ago that I am in develop of an app for a local family business that use Macs. My background was some years in SQL and C# develop in windows world. After some readings, learnings and understanding some important diferences in doing things on File Maker I designed the database diagram, relations, did some tests etc... But I need to start designing the layouts for good.

I want to give a look and feel as OSX like, but mantain usability on Windows or Web (I am developing as Web compatible as possible), and the possibility to use the same app on an iPad (I think that is same as Web)

I dont know if at this point is important to decide the Theme/Skin (creating or purchasing one), didnt understand If later I can change it, or if it is painfull to do it if I discover the my layout is not ok on Web.

Also is it better/possible to create a better desktop layout and alternative one use on web or iPad version? maybe with diferente layouts... I know it could give me double of the work, but my Web app version will not have all desktop functionality also.

I ask that because on some comercial Theme packages, some themes stated as Web compatible ones... So I am assuming that others could not be so ok on Web.

I am using File Maker Pro 11 Advanced, what should I do?

- decide better my layout at this point of start, and if I want web compatibility get a more limited/simple one
- no worries, later is possible to change??
- do distinct layouts desktop and Web or iPad ones. (if is technicaly possible to the app recognise the client)

my app will need to use some scripts and triggers 

thanx in advance