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Small Workgoup Pre-Purchase Question

Question asked by GarySmith_1 on Dec 22, 2014
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Small Workgoup Pre-Purchase Question


I am about to purchase FileMaker Pro for a small team of two individuals. I want to make sure I'm making the correct purchase both technically and legally.

My goal is to share a database from inside my office to a remote office worker, and to provide occasional remote access to the database for myself.

First the technical question: Will the sharing feature of the individual license permit me to share out to the WAN, provided I open ports and create the necessary traffic rules & DNS entries to make the database reachable to the WAN?

Legally, will it satisfy the license agreement for me to use the same license to host the database internally as well as for me to use the same license for me to access the database remotely on my own laptop? I will be purchasing a second license for the remote office user.

Thank you.