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Smallest Value

Question asked by Kirk_1 on Feb 1, 2013
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Smallest Value


     How do i write a script that evaluates the smallest value?

     $fak1 = 70

     $ fak2 = 55

     $fak 3 = 65

     I need to compare the three and find $fak2 or the 55.

     i can do two if statements...

               set value $x: $fak1 < $fak2

               Set value $xx $fak3 < $x

     Something like that, but is there an easier way?

     Right now I just this set value to find the lowest of two..

     Case ( GetAsNumber ($fak1)  <  GetAsNumber ($fak2) ;

                                                                                                       GetAsNumber ($fak1) ;

                                                                                                        GetAsNumber ($fak2)  



     Now I need to compare three