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Question asked by 8upwithquery on Dec 27, 2008
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Novice here and I am looking under many rocks.  I need to take a document and separate the document into parts of a narrative report I type over and over again.


My goal is to streamline the reporting process so I can populate radio buttons and have only the selected parts migrate to a final document I can then tweak and finesse into a polished professional report.


I do the same type of questioning and gather the same canned responses.  I just have to streamline the final steps to increase productivity.  


THE PERFECT WORLD has a way to link this function with a standard folder with preset subfolders that are auto-created upon entering the subject's data in ONCE and the appropriate fields are linked to the appropriate places on folder names... in text of documents... on invoices... and who knows what else.. ????


HELP a newbie out?  


Much appreciation for any wisdom imparted my way...