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Smart quotes following opening parenthesis ("etc.)

Question asked by JohnT.Dulaney on Aug 9, 2012
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Smart quotes following opening parenthesis ("etc.)


I’m using Filemaker Pro 12.0v1 on an iMac, OS 10.7.4. I need to use both single and double smart (curly) quotation marks when entering text in several fields. There appears to be no problem when typing either single or double quotes following a return or following a space; I get the correct “opening” smart quotes. However, if I try to follow an opening parenthesis immediately with a quote, either single or double, the quotation marks that appear are “closing” quotes, not “opening” quotes. For example, in the case of (“To be or not to be”), in Filemaker 12 the opening quotation mark will NOT be like here in Word, but would instead be identical with the closing quotes.


I work with a 9 point font and simply haven’t noticed this flaw in recent Filemakers until now. The same problem occurs in entries I made using Filemaker Pro 11. My experience goes back to when Filemaker II when it was still a Claris product. I’ve looked back and find that some of my earlier records don’t have this problem, although there’s no way for me to know what version I was using at the time (i.e. records 321, 1027, 1141, 1651, 2151, 2452 that precede my current 3020th record). This shows that earlier versions were OK as regards this feature.


The 1-800-etc. number doesn’t help. Is there a fix for this flaw? Thanks.


John Dulaney