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    SMPT Set Up Help Needed



      SMPT Set Up Help Needed


      Correct me if i am wrong as I am very new to using SMTP. It is my understanding that Filemaker Pro 10 can use SMTP to send email directly. I am currently trying to get the SMPT settings in FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced to send messages through my Yahoo account.

      I have Yahoo Mail Plus and have it is working with a few other programs on both a mac system and a PC windows system. The file I am working on is running on a MAC OS X 10.5.6.

      I have the following fields in the SMTP set up screen....

      - User Information -

      Name: “MyName”

      E-Mail Address: "MyAccount@yahoo.com"

      Reply-To Address: "MyAccount@yahoo.com"

      Sever Information -

      Outgoing SMTP Sever: "plus.smtp.mail.yahoo.com" and “plus.pop.mail.yahoo.com”

      Port: I have tried “25”, “465”, “587”, and “995”

      Authentication: I have tried “Plain Password” and “Cram-MD5” my only 2 options

      User Name: I have tried “MyAccount” and “MyAccount@yahoo.com

      Password: I have entered my account password several times in case of a mistake.

      Am I missing something? Help would be appreciated.....

      It is my understanding that POP is for incoming to the computer and SMPT is for outgoing. I need the out going from my computer to Yahoo.com. 

      I also contacted Yahoo Support. Because I have “Mac Mail” working fine they were unable to help me further.  They recomended that I provide the following information:

      - Incoming server: plus.pop.mail.yahoo.com
      - Outgoing server: plus.smtp.mail.yahoo.com
      - Do not check "Log On Using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)".
      - Check the box next to "My Server Requires Authentication."
      - If you're using SMTP/outgoing port number to 465 and Pop/incoming port number to 955, both SSL checked.
      - However for SMTP/outgoing port number 25 or 587 and Pop/incoming port number to 110, both SSL should be unchecked.

      Help Please... What am I missing?

      I have a Yahoo “Plus” account....

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          I also have a Yahoo Plus account.  FWIW, my settings are somewhat different:


          Server Name:             smtp.mail.yahoo.com 

          Incoming Mail server:  pop.mail.yahoo.com

          Outgoing SMPT server: smpt.mail.yahoo.com

          Use default ports (25, 465, 587)

          Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

          Authentication: Password

          User Name: MyAccount

          Password: MyAccountPassword 



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            Tried changing my settings to match yours as well as a few other things with the yahoo account. Coulden't get it to work.


            Next i got a Gmail account that was free. Works like a charm. anyone else using Yahoo may need to switch email providers.


            Don't know why it works with Gmail and not Yahoo but there you go...