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SMTP - works from client, not from IWP

Question asked by klawiter on Feb 16, 2009
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SMTP - works from client, not from IWP


I have a script that will send email on record creation and it works as expected when logged in from a FileMaker client.  (to a hosted file)


The purpose for this was to notify my personnel that a record was created by an IWP.  The Send Mail script step shows as being compatible with Web Publishing, and it seems to actually function, it just ends with error 1506 [Email(s) could not be sent successfully].   I am using SSL authentication.  I can alter the credentials and get a 1501 error [SMTP authentication failed] so I know the script step is working.


I have seen a post that indicates a log entry is made when SMTP fails, but there are no special FM logs nor any entries in the system.log.


Any ideas would be appreciated.