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SMTP Email issue

Question asked by RandyOkane on Jun 10, 2012


SMTP Email issue


I have a database written in Filemaker 11  The database is hosted using Filemaker Server 11 on a Windows server.  I have a script which includes a send email script step.  The email is sent via an SMPT server.  When the script is triggered from a filemaker client, the script sends out the emails with no problems.  However, when I trigger the scipt via php, the rest of the script works, but I have a problem with the emails.  If the email is sent to an email address on the same email server (which is different from the server hosting the database), then the email is delivered.  However, emails sent that have to be relayed are not sent out.  What would cause this and more importantly, how do I solve it?  Thank you in advance.