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    SMTP email through IWP



      SMTP email through IWP


      I am trying to figure out how to send an email through IWP with SMTP email.

      I am using Port 465 and SSL, and have tested this locally on my computer.  It works with my FM 10 Adv, but when I try the same email script in IWP it doesn't work.

      Please let me know if anyone can help.  I searched the other forum posts who had similar questions but no answers.
      Thank you in advance.

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          FROM  What can I use to get IWP email working

          The Mail To: tag works well, nice call!  The only issue I have now is to be able to extract particular fields from the database and populate the email client with them.. for instance if there is a field in an entry called "Subject", I have to be able to enter that field in the Subject line of the email.

          When someone clicks on the button with the MailTo tag, it is the browser that interprets the URL string, for instance
          mailto:admin@place.gov&subject=some stuff

          and so on is read by the browser, and not the Filemaker server, thus getting info from a field to the button would require a script in filemaker to populate the URL with mailto: tag, as opposed to a pre-defined static entry.
          Man, this is ridiculously complex.  If you produce a web based software, it seems archaic to not provide a simple email facility for the web pages.  Ok, enough whining.. time to figure this out.
          All I want to do is this:

          one of my users goes to a webpage to enter a trouble ticket.  She fills in the ticket form, but it's a really important ticket that needs immediate attention, say the Sr. VP's computer is threatening to explode.  I want her to be able to click on a button on the web page that sends an email to the support staff with the details of the ticket included in the email.

          It is possible, indeed, easy to do in the FMPro client, but I cannot find any similar facility for IWP.
          Sorry to be still on this thread, but I really want to get this to work.


          On the Mail To URL, You shouldn't need a script, just a calculation field that builds the link by combining the contents of various fields to produce the desired link.

          You should also be able to get this to work using Send Mail with the SMTP option, but as I said earlier, I'm just reading the documentation to you as I don't have this set up to play with. I do see posts here where people have had to work a bit to get it configured correctly.


          Now I get it! Thanks man! It worked like a charm. ;-)

          For future information seekers:
          To send an email from an IWP enabled database in FMP and FMS 11 without involving the user's email client or logon, do the following:
          Create a button right click on the button and click on 'Button Setup'
          Highlight 'Send Mail' (near the bottom of the list)
          click on 'Specify' In the 'Send via' drop down,
          select 'SMTP' click on 'Specify'
          The top section can be used to populate the fields of the email, either statically or pulling fields from the database the
          lower section is needed to connect to the sendmail server.
          Most SMTP servers require some level of encryption, normally SSH on port 465, but YMMV
          Note: the 'password' field, after you enter the password is not easily recoverable, so there is a level of security there. I've not tested it however, so I'm not sure how strong it is.

          Phil - *THANK YOU*, very much for all of your help.

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            Why not make a record in IWP for the ticket, then just send the email via a script step after the record is created so it is an email alert.

            Nm, I see the settings for the email config for server and the body text calc. You could make a calculated field in the table and then just reference that in the smtp email script step so it easier to build. Or maybe just send a link for the record as an email alert to open filemaker to that database and a layout of new records.

            The mailto: link is not going to record any of that info into the fmp record. That is all outside filemaker.

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              Thank you for your help.

              The thing is that it is about registrations, and this is an email confirmation that they have registered.  Therefore I don't think the mailto would work, because I don't want the user to send their own email about their registration.